How Much Does it Cost to Play Paintball?

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One of the first questions potential paintball players want to know when they call our company is how much does it cost to play paintball?

To Play Pick Up Games with others $40 will cover your field fee, get you unlimited compressed air fills, gets you a rental gun, a rental air tank, a rental mask, and 500 of our DBS Field paintball’s. That is typically enough for 2-2.5 hour of playing at either of our facilities.

Want to Book a Private Party? Some people want to bring a group and play with just their group. We call that a Private Party and our most popular party package is our 2-Hour Private Party. The cost is $350 for up to 10-players, and $35 for each additional player. This will cover your field fee, get you unlimited compressed air fills, gets your players the rental gun, a rental air tank, a rental mask, & 350 DBS Field Paintball’s.


“Our twins Rocco & Anthony have wanted to play paintball for years! The experience at DoodleBug Sportz was simply AMAZING! Everyone had FUN – even the adults. A two hour party was the perfect time. WE never felt rushed. Jesse was an AWESOME referee. He patiently helped our 10 year olds choose games and kept them safe. THANK YOU to all! Jordan helped me plan the BEST party.”Lisa D.

Want a more through breakdown of what it cost to play paintball?
…Read on!

Well, you can play in your back yard and not pay a field fee.. but do you really have a field? There are many safety issues with playing at home. At the Indoor Paintball Arena we have two unique paintball fields for you to use during your visit and at the Outdoor Paintball Park we have six different paintball fields including our Black Hawk Down Field, Prision Field, and more!

Paintball Guns range in price from $75 to just shy of $2000. At DBS we use Tippmann markers for our rental guns as they have proven to be a high quality marker that are accurate, durable, and comfortable to use.

Paintball Guns require an air source that powers the paintball gun and propels the paintball from the marker. In paintball we use either CO2 or compressed air. CO2 fills range from $4-6 and compressed air fills range from $5-7.5 per fill, and it usually takes 2 or more fills for a day of play! At our facilities the air is included… and compressed air is safer and higher performance so we use compressed air as our rental tank of choice.


Our DBS Field Ball is made specifically paintball in Washington with a durable shell, thick fill, and is environmentally friendly.

Each game of paintball you will obviously need paintballs… and the quality of the balls can vary significantly.Our DBS Field Ball is made to break on target, not in your gun, is biodegradable and safe for the environment. Big Box stores sell paintballs too, and the reason they are so cheap is because they use a low quality gelatin (the shell) that is typically either too brittle, which means it will break in your gun, or to soft, which means it won’t break on your target. If the ball doesn’t break on target the opponent isn’t out, so you will use more paint anyways! In addition the paintballs that don’t break are the ones that hurt the most as the energy of the ball is not disburse as it crumbles!

Another key to a decent paintball is the fill inside the ball. Cheap paintballs will use an oil based fill which is not easy to clean, can stain, and is not environmentally friendly. The DBS Field ball uses a 100% PEG fill, meaning it will clean up and will not negatively impact the environment. Because the shell of the paintball is impacted by temperature and humidity we have our DBS Field ball specifically made the the Northwest conditions. Those big box stores paint is made in large patches for all the stores, so sometimes it may be extremely brittle and other times way to soft. The DBS paint is produced specifically for us, and typically used by you within 3-6 months of production. How long did that box paint sit… and at what temperature? The DBS Field ball is store in our storage facility at the perfect temperature of 70 degrees.

Rental PaintBall Mask

The Paintball Mask protects your eyes, ears, and the full front and side of the head.

Paintball Masks cover the full front of the face, eyes, side of the head, and ears. These range in price from about $30 to $150. Paintball masks typically come with either an anti fog treated lense, or a dual thermal lense. The dual thermal lenses are typically better as they are more fog resistant, but the lenses are more expensive, are harder to maintain, and are more prone to damage. That is why we offer thermal rental masks, but charge a small fee to use them.

There are also many accessories people use while playing. Gloves, neck protectors, chest protectors, smoke grenades, and more. All of these are optional things and are not required to play. Find out What to Wear Paintballing here.