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The DoodleBug Sportz Evertt Paintball ProShop is stocked full of paintball goodies that we stand behind and that fit any budget. We carry everything paintball including masks, tanks, guns / markers, hoppers, clothing, padding, tools, bags, pod packs, and much much more!

Our staff has over 30 years of experience and they are excited to put that experience to use helping you. Dusty & Duane have both been in paintball for 10+ years each. They love using their experience and product knowledge to help players get the equipment that will help them take their game to the next level.

We are a certified repair center for all the major paintball brands. In addition to repairing paintball guns, repairing paintball hoppers, ad paintball regulators, we can also repair & re-certify your paintball tank.

We carry all the major brands. We carry all the best products including GI Sportz, KEE Action Sports, Empire, HK Army, Dye Paintball, Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Ninja Paintball, Tiberius Arms, Gen X Global, and so many more!

We can fill your Sodastream bottle. Yes, we can fill up your Sodastream bottle! Fills from our shop are typically less than 50% of the cost of the bottle swap program offered at most stores.

DoodleBug Sportz Paintball ProShop

4610 Evergreen Way
Everett 98203
Phone: 4252579100

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Paintball Enthusiast with over 30 years Experience

– Dusty –

Dusty has been involved in paintball since he was 8 years old. He played with the DBS KIDZ starting in the Young Guns division locally, and playing his way through the ranks of the PSP. Dusty & the other DBS KIDZ were eventually picked up by Vancouver Vendetta to play professionally in the NPPL. He continued to play in the CXBL (Canada’s pro league) after the NPPL closed its doors, and now spends his time helping people at the shop, coaching at League Night & for other local teams that want to step up their game.

– Duane –

Duane has been involved in paintball for 20+ years. He started back in the 90’s & has traveled to many of the top paintball parks & scenario games across the country. Duane likes the In Your Face style of play, usually rushing early in the game. His years of experience and friendly demeanor make him very helpful to new & experienced players that are looking for help with their paintball equipment.

We can Repair your Paintball Equipment

Repair Services Offered

By the hour service

Repairs typically take 7-14 days and are billed at $40 per hour plus parts. We repair paintball markers, hoppers, air tanks, and more!

Regulator Rebuild

Just like your paintball gun it is a good idea to take care of your tank regulator too! We can service your tank regulator in house. We will lube the piston & replace orings as needed. This can typically be done in under an hour.

Hydro Testing

Every 3-5 years tanks are required to be tested in order to be filled. For this service your regulator is removed and the bottle itself it tested to ensure it is still structurally sound. This service is $25. The regulator is not serviced for this fee.

Stripped Screw Extraction

Have a rounded screw that you cannot get out? Bring it in & we will remove and replace it for you!

Repair FAQs

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